Your Biz LIVE

The Your Biz LIVE Badge is a wearable video player delivering your company message through professional video content. Create your own content to display specific marketing or promotions, new inventory, special events and more.

A Name Tag Like No Other

Maximize Your Exposure with The YBL Badge

Do you wish to maximize your company's exposure at a trade show, conference or special event? Do you often find yourself explaining what your company does at a networking party? Well, now you can get the ball rolling even easier! Imagine the perfect conversation starter - a video montage, commercial or slideshow - all your content, branding and image. Most, if not all of our clients who wear The Your Biz LIVE Badge have others coming up to them, breaking the ice and asking that age-old question, "What do you do?"

With the YBL Badge on a lanyard or attached with its magnet on your suit or dress, we've got you covered. Just let the pictures do the talking while you sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation... Here's to The Your Biz LIVE Badge for every business owner, individual or entrepreneur!